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The evolution of our Law Enforcement Training Program...

Being involved in Tactical Training and Instruction for over 25 years, we have had the opportunity to work with the legends of the industry. In the process of refining our curriculum, we took a departure from the conventional format in an effort to improve the learning experience and ensure maximum retention in a relatively short amount of training time.

Most "Instructor courses" for example, are taught like a  week long buffet. There are a few main menu "core" topics, such as ground fighting or subject control and there are generally many other smaller topics such as weapon manipulation, knife defense or vehicle extractions that are "sprinkled in". Over the years, we found that many students wanted to go deeper into a particular topic but the  typical layout of a five day course did not allow enough time in the schedule. Essentially, students only got a "taste" of some material that really deserved it's own dedicated course. 

Our focus is to take the component topics of Control Tactics, Ground Tactics, Weapon Retention & Control, Edged Weapon Defense, Tactical Duty Knife and Counter Assault Tactics and present them in separate courses. We found that a three day event was optimum to allow deeper exploration, improved skill retention and a better overall experience without the typical time constraints of juggling other topics in a traditional week long course. 

We think you'll find our Instructor Development Program presentation as practical, functional and unique as the material itself. Tactics are practical and proven and pressure tested. We are proud to say that our material seamlessly integrates with gear, technology and multiple weapon platforms as well as into agency policies and existing training programs.

In addition, our Law Enforcement Instructor Development courses are truly about developing the student as an instructor and coach and not simply about running through a library of techniques as an end-user while only paying lip service to the process of learning to instruct.  

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